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When you read the website at White Cloud, it seems that they were anticipating every question every consumer had. They knew there would be queries about e-cigs in general, about e-juice, and about their e-juice more particularly.

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Consumers want more color choices so they sell batteries in various styles and also wraps for batteries and cartomizers. The science page lays out technical details while you can also look at news. See how White Cloud looks as a company, as an e-cig company more particularly, and learn about the e-cig business more generally.

The FDA Cometh

Only one thing remains vague: the source of their nicotine and bases. You do learn that their lab is FDA-approved and they use food-grade flavors. Initiating automatic cartridge refilling enabled the company to better fulfill their commitment to hygiene standards and will put them in good stead when they are graded by government health and safety agents.

More than Twenty Flavors

White Cloud is one of the few companies offering more than 10 cartomizer flavors. South Beach Smoke made it to 16. Nuvocig offers over 20. Volcano has been generous in this respect too, but at

White Cloud they go one better; selling multiple flavors of disposable Fing and Mini Fling e-cigs in several nicotine values. One Fling, worth more than 400 puffs, costs $5.95. A Mini Fling for about 150 puffs goes for $3.95. These are the lowest-priced brand-name disposables available.

Starter Kits at White Cloud

Their selection of Starter Kits contains the Cirrus 2, Cirrus 2 Plus, Cirrus 3, Cirrus 3X, and the Variety Kit. Cirrus 3 batteries are actually the smallest, followed by Cirrus 2, and finally 3X.

The Cirrus 2 for $39.95 comes with two 280-puff batteries in three possible colors, 4 choices of tip, and contains a standard USB Chargebolt Charger which acts fast to power-up your batteries (90 minutes).

Five cartomizers are also included. With a Cirrus 2 Plus, you get a squid charger (to charge multiple batteries) and an AC adapter. Pay $20 more for the additional adapter and USB upgrade.

The difference is a bit hefty, but if you didn’t hold them side by side, the prices would be good in comparison to other similar packages from other brands, especially the Cirrus 2. Most 2-battery packages are priced well over $40.

A Cirrus 3, $69.95, provides three batteries, a Squid USB and AC adapter, and five cartridges in the customer’s choice of flavor and strength. A 3X for $20 more contains those features but comes with a 2-year warranty instead of a 6-month warranty (each kit is offered with the option to add the extended warranty for more money). It also uses a Chargebolt USB charger instead of a Squid.

Get more variety out of vaping with a Variety Kit ($79.95). Inside you find three batteries, five cartomizers, an AC adapter and USB charger, and your choice of color and LED tip.

Flavor Styles at White Cloud

Flavors are divided into four categories: tobacco, menthol, exotic, and fruit. Tobacco vapers’ taste buds can travel to Canada for a taste of Canadian whiskey, maple, caramel, and apple with Atlantic Cut Tobacco. The Apache is more of a pipe style. Select Bora Bora to enjoy an exotic, spicy tobacco treat. Their Regular version will remind you of classic American cigarettes.

Zero K hits you with bold peppermint, very different from the mildness of Menthol featuring eucalyptus and mint. Iced Berry is easy to define, and Snap is the tasty pairing of chocolate plus mint.

Here are five Fruit flavors: Strawberry, Peach Pit, Bad Apple, Lime & Coconut, and Banana. Their Exotic selection isn’t really exotic unless Cin (cinnamon chewing gum) is foreign to convenience stores in your area of the United States. Clove, Kick (honey and cinnamon), Espresso, Chocolate, and Vanilla complete the White Cloud line of cartomizer flavors.

A single packet of 5 replacements costs just $9.95: very reasonable. This is the Clear Draw menu, their usual style. A newer variety, InvisiVapor, comes in just tobacco and menthol options for $7.95 each. The vapor is far less apparent to the point that it almost disappears. White Cloud cartomizers are cheaper than virtually any other on the market where the most expensive menu costs almost $20 for five pre-filled cartomizers.

Batteries at White Cloud

Like most places, the price for branded batteries is over the top at White Cloud. Paying $14.95 or more for a single Cirrus battery of any size is excessive, but the Cirrus 3x costs $24.95. At least, you can choose vapor jackets to cover them with.

Accessories for your Batteries and Cartomizers

Select an Ambassador Pack, available in numerous designs. You receive a case, battery skins, and cartomizer skins. Each package costs $19.95.

White Cloud Review in Florida

Tampa Bay Times recently decided that White Cloud is the best company in that area to work for. They weren’t talking about their electronic cigarettes but referring to the structure of their company and the atmosphere. Communication is important to everyone. They aren’t that interested in who’s in charge. Making things work like a team is more important to this small business located in Tarpon, Florida, where they started up in 2008.

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