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If I had to compare Vista Vapors to any other e juice in the e cig business, it would probably be Mt Baker Vapor. Vista Vapors provides a similar approach to Mt Baker Vapor, selling excellent products at low prices and offering both e cigs and e liquid. Their free shipping threshold is the same: $50. The website for Vista Vapors is not bad, but not as good as the new Mt Baker Vapor website. Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, is home to Vista Vapors. Learn more about them here.

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A Vista Vapors Review

All Vista Vapors e liquid is made in the United States. They sell a wide range of flavors in two lines (regular and Premium) and several well-known brands of hardware such as Vision, Innokin, and Vamo. It would be hard to go wrong with brands like that.

On their home page is the offer of 24/7 phone sales but I do not know who has to sit up waiting for those. Do customers really phone vaping websites to buy juice at midnight? It won’t arrive any sooner if they order in the middle of the night unless they arrange for expedited shipment first thing in the morning.

Even allowing for time differences, only someone desperate would go to such lengths, but 24/7 shopping is the kind of unique quality that could give Vista Vapors the edge over other firms. You can order online any hour of the day or night anywhere there is online ordering, but at Vista Vapors you can get on the phone and connect with a real person before the sun rises.

Many Flavors at Vista Vapors

Choose a 17-ml bottle and pay just $4.99, a price that nudges Mount Baker out of the “least expensive” spot by just pennies. Mt Baker Vapor still offers the free-juice advantage, sending random bottles with every order over $20, but they have some competition in Vista Vapors.

Liquids are broken up into similar flavor categories like dessert, candy, fruits, etc. Try bacon, butter cream, honey, or peanut butter, but not together. Remember: you can’t return e juice that you do not like.

Dessert flavors include birthday cake and cookies n cream. Drinks like egg nog, tequila, bourbon, green tea, caramel coffee, and cream soda address almost every possible sort of drink from hot to cold; nourishing to alcoholic.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are mixed in a 60/40 ratio using natural, kosher vegetable glycerin and USP propylene glycol. Vista Vapors doesn’t specify what sort of flavoring they use (natural, artificial, or both) but I suspect it is a mixture of natural and artificial flavors. To be organic at these prices would be nutty. Neither does the company comment on where their nicotine comes from. These are USA-made juices, but that does not say they are made from all-American ingredients.

Choose 0 or up to 24 mg of nicotine for your e liquid. There is an option when you order juice to have a flavor boost added: from 10% to 50% extra at a cost of 25 cents per 10%. Their propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio should provide a blend with excellent flavor and good clouds of vapor.

Vista Vapors e liquid flavorsVista Select Premium Juice

This selection of bottles depicts a squid on the label which puts me in mind of squid ink: not a great image, but he’s a friendly-looking squid, at least. This is a high-vapor blend made up of 10% propylene glycol and 90% vegetable glycerin. You should produce thick clouds.

Only 6 flavors have been developed so far, such as the fruity Cumulus, another fruit-style called Stratus, and Altostratus combining sour fruit and sweet candy. Vista Vapors does not go into detail: customers like detail. What fruits are we talking about? I have no idea. A 30-ml glass bottle will cost you $11.99. Select a nicotine level from 0, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, or 18 mg.

Electronic Devices at Vista Vapors

As I said, VV sells hardware. They carry the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 at a ridiculously low price of $47.99, a price so low they should really come out and make a statement promising that these are legitimate Innokin items. For the MVP 2.0 to go below $60 is rare without dipping to this point.

Their prices for some of the Innokin line are less stunning but not terrible. They have the 134 Mini for $139.99. A VV V.3 is $29.99 (really affordable). Their Vista Vapors blister kit contains a full eGo e cig plus a USB charger: buy the single or the double (meaning one or two blister kits).

Accessories at Vista Vapors

Customers will not be able to call this an all-purpose e cig supplier because their accessories selection is too limited. They have Aspire tanks, cases, wicks, and coils. KangerTech tanks are listed here. Choose a neck sling for your e cig, a battery, or a charger. Innokin iClear tanks and accessories are also listed.

Selection is limited to brand-specific accessories. I didn’t see assorted drip tips of varied colors, cases, or rebuildable atomizers. Mind you, it is always good when a company focuses on a few products to make sure they are of high quality rather than trying to do everything and cutting corners to fulfill orders. I like that companies such as Vista Vapors simplify shopping and limit the products they carry.

Earning Rewards at Vista Vapors

How do you join a rewards program at an e cig company? Just start shopping. For every dollar you spend, the company awards you points which are actually store credits. At Vista Vapors, spend a dollar to earn 10 points.

Refer a friend who then goes on to buy nicotine juice or hardware and earn 500 points. Your points can only be used to buy Vista Vapors products and are not redeemable as cash. There is no catch and it isn’t a gimmick. Electronic cigarette and e juice firms know that if customers have reward points to spend, they are likely to hang around.


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