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When you browse the website for VaporFi e cig products, you might be struck with the variety of devices they carry. At first glance, it seems like a lot to choose from and you could find yourself overwhelmed.

If you came from Green Smoke, Bull Smoke, or White Cloud where they only sell mini cigs, the VaporFi catalogue is imposing. But break this list down and you see that some of the items they list are not for you. Their selection starts with the new vaper, moves on to slightly more confident consumers, and follows-up with advanced vaping tools.

You do not fit all of these categories simultaneously, so explore their starter kits one at a time according to your level of confidence. While you browse, keep an eye out for bargains and ways to save money at VaporFi.

Vaporfi Coupon Codes and Savings

We’ll be adding the latest promo codes and sales/deals as they are  released, so be sure to come back!

Opt into the Vaporfi email list for an instant 10% discount code.

Vapor Fi ExpressSavings with Starter Kits

Every vaping product they sell comes as part of a starter package but can also be purchased separately. As a first time customer, you would be unwise to buy their goods separately from a kit. You are going to need the chargers and a compatible clearomizer or tank for your unit.

By selecting a kit, you get everything the system needs to operate (except e liquid) and pay less for each piece. As you have seen at every other e cig website (V2 Cigs, Halo, Green Smoke, Bull Smoke, and others), starter bundles save you money.

If you browse the internet for bargains or noticed the coupon code at VaporFi, you have also accessed a coupon code that supplies a further discount. Already, shopping at VaporFi could be fun and affordable.

Money-Saving Programs

Another way to save at VaporFi is to join their rewards programs. As a customer, you automatically receive points when you shop.

Points stay with you if you tire of the Express and want to switch to a Pro or a Rebel kit. These points can be swapped for a money value at the VaporFi shop but are not redeemable as cash.

Points are available in other ways too. Share the company on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. Refer a friend who goes on to buy a kit at VaporFi.

Tell them your birthday and they will give you points on your special day. Write reviews and sign up for Home Delivery.

Home Delivery is an automatic money-saver because you instantly save 10%. With this program, the customer tells VaporFi how much e liquid (in cartridges or bottles) he wants to receive monthly, what flavor or flavors, and at what intervals (usually once each month).

Goods arrive automatically, but the program can be cancelled any time the customer wants. He also receives discounts and learns about private sales the general public knows nothing about. This reduces the work of vape shopping and the vaper also saves money.

You will have noticed there are other similar programs at Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, and elsewhere. This popular method of sales saves the client money and gives the firm an idea of how many committed customers they can rely on each month.

The Blend of the Month Club

This is separate from Home Delivery and Rewards; a version of subscription services like Zamplebox which surprise customers every month with new bottles of e liquid. Join this program to try new flavors without paying extra for the privilege.

VaporFi does not send out random samples of juices you will automatically dislike. When you fill out your profile, the company asks which sorts of flavors you typically enjoy and those you dislike (tobacco, beverages, desserts, etc).

The company will not send you items on the “dislike” list but cannot guarantee you will enjoy the new flavors you are trying. Still, the fun is in waiting for a surprise and potentially discovering a brand new first-choice liquid before the rest of America knows about it. You could be the one to name this delicious blend too.

Blend of the Month Club members pay the price of a single 30-ml bottle: just $14.99 each month. Other bonuses are free shipping, discounts, trying exclusive new flavors before the public discovers them, and having the chance to critique these flavors. A contest with each flavor asks clients to name the juice and supply honest opinions about each blend.

Vaporfi e liquidsVaporFi E Liquid Generally

A 30-ml bottle of e juice costs $14.99 and comes in about 60 flavors so far.

Some are obvious choices for blending with other flavors at home or as part of the juice customization option on the VaporFi website. That is already 12 times as many juices as those available in pre-filled cartridges.

Your selection of 5 types is paltry and expensive: $3 per cartridge. When you think that V2 Cigs charges just over $2 and Halo just under $2 per cartridge — but even that is expensive — it seems the only sensible thing to do is switch to blank atomized cartridges or clearomizers if you use the Express.

That way you can select liquid in your favorite style and pay a whole lot less for it. With any other system (the Pro, Air, Pulse, VOX 50, etc.), you were already using liquid.

Not only is VaporFi e juice cheaper than their cartridges, but it is cheaper than a lot of other brands. Their juice is made in the United States to tight standards created by the FDA and United States Pharmacists.

Their ingredients are exceptional and carefully chosen. Conditions for the preparation of juices are lab-grade and sterile.

This is some of the safest e liquid you will encounter while also costing only 50 cents per ml. High-end juice made under mysterious conditions not widely published often costs 80 cents per ml or more. These top-shelf offerings produced in small batches win over the gourmet crowd in a way that micro-brew attracts beer connoisseurs, but micro-breweries are regulated.

E cig shops and mixologists’ labs are not (yet). You can trust the conditions under which your VaporFi e liquid was blended without having to pay top dollar for Cotton Candy, Sahara Tobacco, or Apple Pie styles.

VaporFi VOX 50 Watt Box Mod

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