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We’ve been very impressed with the Vapor Zone products we’ve seen, and got in touch with them to offer a discount for our visitors who decide to buy products from them.

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Here’s a review of this up and coming brand:

The Vapor Zone line up isn’t changing. Nothing new is happening at the website. Why change a formula that works so well?

The only news is that Vapor Zone e-liquids are now sold at their sister company South Beach Smoke.

Vapor Zone Impressions

Whenever you read a Vapor Zone review, it seems customers are wowed. They don’t care about bright colors and crystal LEDs, which they can find elsewhere; they want performance. Vapor Zone products might be under-stated, being mostly black, silver, or clear, but they give consumers the vapor production they are looking for. Either other brands are stuck in the past or Vapor Zone offers a glimpse into the future.

Starter Kits

Six styles of e-cig are sold as starter kits or you can buy their parts individually among accessories. A PCC for an Express battery, cases, and more are also sold separately. Be careful to purchase chargers designed for the product you are using: Vapor Zone chargers do not work with all of their batteries. The same goes for mixing batteries and cartridges or tanks: don’t try it.

Absolute Beginners

The Express is Vapor Zone’s concession to cigalikes and it resembles them.

Express Starter Kit

The size and diameter are right. Weight is close. Even the color is similar: cigarette-paper white. The missing part is smoke. An Express e-cig is run by a battery, which powers an atomizer to heat liquid to the vaporizing point but not so hot that it burns.

A kit with one standard and one high-capacity battery costs $29.99. A USB charger and wall adaptor are also in your box, but not pre-filled cartridges or e-liquid.

You typically don’t get e-juice or cartridges with your kit, and need to buy them separately. I say typically because they run occasional deals where you can get e-liquid with some kits.

For Your Ego

The Air comes next in power and size. It is tiny and slim, like a squashed eGo. For $39.99 it provides 350mAh of battery power (one battery included), comes with an Air cartomizer, a mouthpiece, and the charging set.

Moving in line with power and prices, The Pro offers a 1000mAh battery, just one, but you don’t need more. The Pro works with a Pro-L Cartomizer, comes with its charging units, three extra atomizers, and costs $44.99. A single battery will give you a full day of power.

Pro Kit

This is the only e-cig in Vapor Zone’s menu that comes in alternative colors besides black or stainless steel.

Shaping Up

A triangular battery on the Jet gives this device a distinctive shape and also allows more room at the bottom for a screen to show battery power and your number of puffs. For $79.99, the package contains a single 650mAh battery, a Jet Cartomizer, two more atomizers, a mouthpiece cap, plus charging equipment. 650mAh is enough to last most of the day.

VZ Jet Kit

World Apart

Where the Pulse is concerned, there is no comparison on the current market. Maybe the circular charger is what makes this one so distinctive because the Pro offers more power: 1000mAh versus 750mAh, but there is the LED screen too. $119.99 buys a kit with two cartos and three chargers.

Pulse Kit

Being Rebellious

Finally, stand out; even be a Rebel with this sixth Vapor Zone option. Most consumers only try a product like this one after they have sampled analog-style, eGo e-cigs, and advanced models because it is a bit more complicated. The Rebel even looks high-tech, even like a prop from a science fiction movie. Reviewers say that the time spent figuring out how to put a Rebel together and work it is time well spent.

Rebel Starter Kit

It’s a telescopic device, meaning the power unit adjusts to fit different battery sizes. Two are included: one high, one standard capacity. These are two very different sized batteries in terms of length and width but they fit the Rebel because it can be lengthened or shortened. Variable Voltage gives the consumer control of his device and he can read the voltage on his LED screen in bright blue.

Miami Stores

Vapor Zone stores are dotted around Miami and surrounding centers, with more shops opening regularly, so it is well-represented in Florida, but products are also sold online. Order from Alaska or pick up a package when you are in town. At their stores, Vapor Zone offers you the opportunity to try flavors, any flavors, not just the pre-filled options for individuals who don’t mind paying more to avoid a mess.

E-Liquid Madness

There are no limits to flavors you can opt for with the customization section of online e-liquid ordering. Blend whatever you want or choose a popular base flavor like marshmallow or Amaretto.

VZ E Cig Liquid

Vapor Zone boasts a selection of more than 30,000 e-liquid flavors which is utter madness. For the overwhelmed, there is a flavor of the month. Adventurous readers will enjoy the challenge of trying to develop something no other customer has thought of.

More Impressions

Vapor Zone does not field a lot of complaints. When someone does have a problem, like shipping is slow or they receive a dead battery, customer service excels. It’s almost worth getting a complaint sometimes because the professional, timely, and respectful way agents deal with customers wins them over as much as products do.

The price of e-cigs at Vapor Zone is highly competitive. Their basic Express Kit, despite not coming with e-liquid, is still favorable because it contains two batteries and both chargers. Average kits of a similar price come with one battery and a USB charger, not the wall adaptor. Designers of the Air, who made it flat, created something highly unusual and fun to own.

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