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Vapage covers several names under a single umbrella: Cig20, Titan, Uturn, and more. The company sells electronic cigarettes in the analog style and eGo cigs. Several pages of e-liquid flavors outdistance the few refill choices you have. Is there anything new here?

vapage.comVapage Review

The cheapest product at Vapage is a $9.99 disposable. Good news folks: with the Barfly, you can vape on menthol, tobacco, or fruit which is more than a lot of e-cig companies can say.

A Pocket Pack starter kit comes with one rechargeable battery, a USB charger, and 4 cartomizers for the price of $19.99. That’s pricing you can live with if your target is an express package. Usually, they cost at least this or more and contain only two cartridges.

Otherwise, Vapage carries one e-cig kit in a tin box: very attractive, sturdy, and organized to keep your items from rolling around. This pack for $99.99 is an expensive place to start if you skip the Pocket Pack.

A metal gift box contains two white batteries, one battery in black, ten cartridges flavored Classic or Red Tobacco or Menthol, a USB charger, an AC wall adapter, and a warranty registration card plus an instruction booklet. A car adapter is also thrown in there as an essential piece to the ex-smoker’s new vaping routine.

Replacement batteries come in a few colors but they are priced $19.99 each. Where brands are concerned, this is average, not good: $19.99 is too much to pay for a cigalike battery.
Move on to Cig20 and you get the same sort of product in 8, 18, or 24mg of nicotine.

A Mini Kit costs $24.99 but only contains two cartridges. The Pocket Pack is better value. Cig20’s Pro Kit costs $79.99, a little lighter and easier to stomach than $99.99. This package only contains two batteries, the usual charging items, and half as many replacement carts. So far, a Vapage starter kit is better value even if it costs $20 more.

Replacement Flavors

Filters for e-cigs cost $14.99 for a box of ten. You could count ten or more e-cig companies that can do better than that, even if only by a dollar, but often by $5 per pack. The only reasons you would pay $14.99 for refills would be compatibility issues and quality. If Vapage makes them better, then the extra cost is worthwhile.

Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, apple, cinnamon, cherry, plus a few tobacco types and a couple of menthol selections. You will eventually upgrade to a tank with one of the other Vapage models, like Uturn, for instance.

Other Styles

When you are looking for more power, thick vapor, and extra tank capacity, the Uturn, Titan, VMod, and VPro are next on the list. They all use e-liquid. The VMod resembles a Gripper or a handheld herbal vaporizer but is designed to produce vapor from e-liquid.

The Uturn for advanced vapers features variable voltage and uses 650mAh or 1300mAh batteries. Choose from 5 colors. The Uturn Solo Kit for $49.99 contains a single battery, crystal cartridge (a clear tank), one 5-ml bottle of Classic Tobacco (18mg), a USB charger, and comes attractively packaged to resemble a cell phone.

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