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You may (or may not) have heard, that this brand is the top selling brand in the space.  Since 2010, this Miami-based company has grown it’s global reach through offering the finest electronic cigarette products on the planet.

They recently launched two new lines of products that are being well received:

V2 EX Batteries1.  The EX series batteries and cartridges.

This is a game changer.

On the cartridge side, you are able to view the e-liquid levels in each cartridge that you are using through a see though viewing window, so you never need to run out and get that nasty burnt dry taste from an empty cartomizer

On the battery side, you get a much more powerful battery, which results in a longer life span between charges.

They also released some really cool designs that you can see pictured here. These are slightly larger in size than a standard sized battery, and last longer accordingly.

2.  The V2 Pro Series vaporizers.

These products are built to vape any e-juice (liquid) that you choose.  This is the latest device made by the company, and it’s added the brand to the competitive landscape of vaporizers.

V2 Pro Kit

The series available right now is the “Series 3,” but future releases include the Series 7 and Series 9. This is a very complex product in the fact that it uses magnetic components instead of the typical twist and screw-in products.  This is highly advanced and only available at V2Cigs.com

V2 Cigs Review

If you thought you had heard and read everything there was to read about V2 Cigs, you would be wrong. Don’t expect the company to rest on its laurels, not now when they have your attention.

One thing that an e-cig company can never do is relax and ride its own wave because another company will be right there to steal that wave right out from underneath them. V2 Cigs seems to know that better than most and hardly ever allows a season go by without introducing a new product or promotion. As a result, they stay on top.

Early in the game V2 Cigs topped the charts, and since taking that place they have hung on tenaciously. As new brands join the list, they continue to outperform them all. Sometimes the difference is only slight: Green Smoke, for instance, has done very well to challenge their vapor production, but V2 Cigs offers more product variety than most.

EX Cartridges

What is so special about an EX pre-filled flavor cartridge? For one thing, it provides twice as many puffs as a regular cartridge. Secondly, a viewing window on its side ensures users always know how much liquid is left so as to anticipate the need for a change. V2 Cigs also claims that they do not leak as some cartridges (including their Classics) sometimes do.

Prices at V2 Cigs

Proprietary prices tend to be a little high, and V2 Cigs is guilty of this sin as much as most. Their XL PCC costs $62.22. A regular PCC sells for $51.84. Their metal carry case is $20.70 or $25.89 (XL) and a soft case is the same price as a small metal one. The EX Battery is $29.95. Look to a generic e-cig retailer and you will see what I mean: without the V2 Cigs logo, prices come down considerably.

Cartridges, however, are priced at close to the lowest you will find. E-Liquid is priced competitively and always created in regulated batches. The batch number you see on a bottle, cartridge box, or a disposable e-cig can be traced via the V2 Cigs website in moments.


As noted above, you can choose your own flavor, but that’s not necessary if V2 cartridges already tempt you. They come in three types of tobacco, menthol, peppermint, and green tea menthol. Cherry, cola, grape, and vanilla could be the beginning of a lovely soft drink. Coffee and chocolate complete the list of their usual offerings. Expect mint chocolate truffle to join these if it proves popular.

ZigZag adds its own flavors to assorted e-liquids and is currently on sale, $31.08 for 60mls of Island Breeze, mango, clove, or Dragonberry.

E-Liquid from V2 is also on sale: $24.87 on 0% nicotine (50mls) and $14.07 for 25mls of 0% nicotine. Sale items change as new products are released.

Disposables at V2 Cigs

ZigZag (partnering with V2) and V2 Cigs both make disposables and prices vary. But the best way to save money if you plan to sell, share, or regularly use them is to buy bulk. Five-packs cost $31.08; or purchase 10-packs for $57.03. They come in menthol or Red Tobacco and are good for 400 puffs.

If you are looking for similar discounts, there are many sites out there that offer ways to save on e-cigarettes. You can visit them and compare the discounts that we offer, just to double check that we do offer the best value on V2 and other brands. However, these are here in case you want to compare and contrast any coupon codes.

Starter Kits

That means they still have the Standard Kit for about $60 with a $20 upgrade. This one comes with two automatic or manual batteries in 5 possible colors (or EX patterns), 10 cartridge refills, and a charging kit.

The Standard Plus is $130 (Classic) with two batteries, a PCC, charging kit, and ten flavor cartridges.

What’s New at V2?

The latest edition of their batteries — the EX — is now matched by a larger cartridge with a viewing window. Customers have been enjoying the beautiful style of their EX batteries but waited a little longer for EX cartridges.

Starter kits are now offered in the classic version and EX version. Just press “upgrade to EX” or “change to Classic” when you visit the customization page for a starter kit. The exception is their EX-specific starter kits with e-liquid and blanks.

For Sale at V2 Cigs

What does the catalogue at V2 Cigs currently hold?

A bit of everything is in there: e-liquid, cases, chargers, starter kits, batteries, and more. If you already knew about EX cartridges with their viewing windows, you might not have been introduced to their latest, limited edition flavor: Mint Chocolate Truffle. Five-packs cost $10.33, as always, and this one complements a cup of coffee beautifully.

Choose the cartridges they sell in pre-mixed flavors or create your own flavor, 100 at a time. Customize to your heart’s content: V2 Cigs carries every flavor possible. They also sell ZigZag e-cigs and liquids. EX batteries fit with EX blanks while V2 made blanks for their Classic series as well. Customers cannot mix and match Classic V2 hardware with EX products.

Adapters sold here allow users to combine V2 flavor cartridges with batteries from competitors. V2 is not shy about sharing and has the confidence to make their products user-friendly. Like Santa in Miracle on 34th Street, this policy will probably make eager customers out of visitors to V2 Cigs and reinforce current customers’ resolve to remain loyal.

Their adapters come in two styles: one that works with Bloog, Green Smoke, ESmoke, and South Beach Smoke (plus more), another for users of Cloud 9, Smoke Stik, NJoy Pro, et al. Their battery is the famous KR808D: extra-strong and reliable. Cartridges are compatible with any brand or generic KR808D battery.

More about Batteries

Even before they added the EX series, batteries at V2 Cigs performed notably better than other e-cigs on the market. Their quality is top notch. Theirs are a tad expensive however. In fact, the EX, while providing about the same number of puffs as a long battery and less power, costs $7 more.

The biggest difference is the look and feel: these are designer batteries for men and women who like the look of Vapor Couture but not their slim size (or their exclusively feminine style).




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