Goodejuice is more than just a juice company, although their name might mislead you. Perhaps it is a poorly chosen name; I can’t decide. That depends on how the owners want their customers or potential customers to think of them: as an e liquid vendor that also sells hardware or as a general-purpose American vendor carrying house-brand e liquid.

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A Goodejuice Review

goodejuice.comTheir home brew is made in the USA but Goodejuice also carries low-cost products by Puff King, eVo, JoyeTech, Dekang, and more. They make no commitment to carrying only American e juice. This shows that Goodejuice isn’t too proud to cater to the regular guy who just wants to get the most out of his dollar.

Tasty Home-Made Juice

Their own three labels are USA Lab-made Juice, NET e liquid, and Premier e liquid. The regular selection includes flavors like Apple Pie, 555, Bubblegum, Cinnamon Hots, Coconana Cream, and Commercial Tobacco. Select 0 to 32 mg in a 10-ml bottle for $5.99 or 30 ml for $13.99.

Generally, the selection is comprised of simple flavors you will find from many vendors. Goodejuice, however, takes care to feature several cigarette-like tobacco flavors their customers will be drawn to because they remind them of the analogs they used to like.

NET stands for Naturally Extracted Tobacco. These flavors cost the same amount of money and come in the same range of strengths. Try Apple Cured, Acadian Gold, Natural Perique, Menthol Ice, Organic Tobacco, or Shade Tobacco (Connecticut style).

The Premium range costs a little more: $6.99 for 10 ml or $17.99 for 30 ml, 0 to 26 mg. They are all made in a lab approved by the FDA (are the others not made in the same laboratory? What is the difference here?) Choices like State Express (a European/555 style tobacco flavor), Full Throttle (like Kings), or Bull Durham (Turkish/Oriental) emulate real cigarette flavors.

Selection is great; prices are good: I’m just missing the difference between Premium and Lab-made e liquids by Goodejuice.

Hardware at Goodejuice

Lists of familiar brands and hardware styles fill the pages of this intuitive website. Scroll through headings, sub-categories along the side, or scan over a heading to be led directly to specific products.

I found that these features made the website efficient and a joy to use. They allow you to direct your search in a variety of ways. Vapers with a few months under their belt will recognize names such as Innokin, Kanger, and Aspire.

Starter Kits for New and Intermediate Vapers

Most of these products are associated with Kanger and other quality names but are carried by relatively few vendors because they are for the very newest vapers. DSE701 e cigars and 808 kits, for instance, hold little interest for next-level vapers ready for Ego-style cells. They turn to the EVOD, EMOW, Ego, and others which are also listed at Goodejuice.

The EMOW kit costs $54.99. Receive a 1600 mAh battery, Mega Glassomizer, 5 replacement heads, and chargers. A 1300-mAh version is also available. Pay just $9.99 for an 1100-mAh CE$/battery/charger blister pack. The 808D mini cig kit by Kanger comes with 2 batteries, 6 refill cartomizers, chargers, and costs $34.99. Choose white or black.

A Kanger E-Smart BCC clearo, 510-threaded, is listed at $3.99 while the E-Smart kit costs $34.99 with 2 full e cigs.

More Gear

There are excellent prices for Value EVOD kits, replacement batteries for EVOD, Ego, 510, 808D e cigs, and mods. Mini cig batteries are not the best value around at $12.99 but they offer 380 mAh, an unusually high value if you are used to Bull Smoke, Volcano, and Atlantic E Cigs, etc. with their lower ratings.

Aspire, Kanger, Vision, and others supply a windfall of tanks and clearomizers. Aspire’s Nautilus is one of the best-loved, best-selling tanks around and costs $27.99. You need a Pyrex tank if you are planning to buy Cinnamon Hots juice or something similarly spicy because it will crack your plastic CE4 tank. I approve of that price: this is a good source for your Nautilus and associated supplies.

The Atlantis sub-ohm tank by Aspire is considerably more expensive at $44.99, but it’s meant to be used by modders. Aspire developed it at the same time Kanger, Joye, Smok, and others created their sub-ohm tanks to appease a growing number of VW Box Mod fans.

You will often see these tanks atop 30 to 50W mods like the iStick and MVP 3.0. Other offerings like the Genitank, Unitank, Aerotank, iClear 30B, and Kanger Subtank provide ample opportunity to compare and contrast the various brands.

VW Mods at Goodejuice

The E-LVT is a modder’s wonder; hard-wearing and almost indestructible. Made to be shock-proof and water-proof, the E-LVT is a great investment for industrial workers at $99.99. An eLeaf iStick 50W for $54.99 brings you closer to serious sub-ohm clouds and is one of the best-selling box mods currently on the market.

Choose an iTaste telescoping SVD by iTaste or a Cool Fire II bundle with the iClear 30B for $79.99. This was one of the few times I felt their pricing could be revisited. Usually, Goodejuice matches competitors’ pricing.

The Spyrax is an unusual looking and sounding device: give this hybrid mod a look even if you decide on a Sigelei Mini ZMAX APV, SMPL mod, or VapeOnly VPower 14500.

Selection for mid- to high-level vapers is respectable but not too expensive. Goodejuice has stayed away from $100+ authentic mechanical devices. Their clientele is down to earth and sticks to a budget.

Accessorize with Electronic Style

Goodejuice and other general retailers serving vapers use this section to list anything that does not really fit anywhere else. You will also find that products listed here are chosen for compatibility with their other stock.

These are drip tips, tubes for clearomizers, chargers, cases, and more. Numerous colors and materials allow you to be vibrant and enjoy the convenience of certain accessories without spending a fortune.

Discover the worlds largest selection of electronic cigarettes.

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