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Popular Eversmoke electronic cigarette is another version of the familiar beginner’s e-cig. Preferred by many vapers for its quality and performance, the company joins big names on reviewers’ lists of best products. Read the following Eversmoke review and decide for yourself if they provide what you want from an electronic cigarette.

Eversmoke Throat Hit

Reviewers have said opposite things about nicotine strength provided by Eversmoke tobacco cartridges. One client argues the nicotine is pretty strong for whatever percentage you are using, so do not order 2.4% unless you are used to powerful analogs. Another ex-smoker took the opposite position: Eversmoke 2.4% tobacco cartridges are a little on the weak side.

What does this tell you? Right away you might have picked out an important fact; that Eversmoke makes e-liquid cartridges in strengths up to 2.4% per volume. Not every company is doing this right now. Do not take for granted another electronic cigarette firm will go as high as this since many stop at 1.8%.

Batteries that Last

Most customers agree that batteries from Eversmoke are stars in the industry. They last like almost no other batteries in the e-cig business, at least for this style of e-cig. Better battery life gives you a chance to really get into a rhythm when you vape. Vapor is thick too.

Part of the reason for Eversmoke’s success with battery endurance is that they do not employ the same batteries as everyone else. Theirs are a little heavier and slightly bigger, accounting for their extra power.

This could be a deal breaker for some of you. The small size of an e-cig battery when attached to its cartridge is what enables the whole device to look like a real cigarette and feel like one in your hands.

Tasty Eversmoke Flavors

Pre-filled cartridges are what you have come to expect from mini cigs. Eversmoke’s selection includes Classic, Royal, and Golden tobacco. There are two mint styles: peppermint and menthol. For fruit they have pina colada, peach, and cherry. Coffee, chocolate, and vanilla top off the list.

It’s not a long or interesting list of flavors. These seem to be what consumers of mini cigs expect, but is it what they want? Will a limited selection like this help to keep them vaping little cigs once they discover e-liquid in thousands of blends and eGo products with bigger batteries? Probably not: expect Eversmoke to add a few new flavors to their lineup, eventually.

Cherry is pretty good. Vanilla gets a thumbs-up. Menthol is always just minty; nothing like a real menthol cigarette, but it pleases anyway. Tobacco is another one extremely difficult to replicate, so you wouldn’t switch to Eversmoke tobacco cartridges out of a preference for the vapor versus the real cigarette experience.

Eversmoke Beginners’ Packages

Only consider an Express Kit ($30) if you want an extra battery and USB in a second location, or if you vape and smoke alternately. Otherwise, that single battery will send you running back to cigarettes in a hurry. Its timeline will only be a couple of hours then you have to charge it. Unless you time this around meals or showering, plan to be frustrated, or just buy a different kit. The Basic Kit, $49.99, includes a second battery plus five cartridges, a USB, and a wall adaptor. One battery is standard size while the other gives you extra capacity. They are available as manual or automatic devices.

A Pro Kit adds $30, a power cig, car charger, and five more cartridges. The power cig is useful for vaping between charges if you have a USB port handy, but battery #2 is there for your convenience. A car adaptor is useful for driving vapers.

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