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Do you ever stop to wonder why a company will be launched, attract customers, and grow to become successful and another will stumble and fall apart? Why do some companies build a solid client base and others struggle? Here are some thoughts about what makes Direct Vapor stand out.

Filling a Niche

A firm that finds its footing amid strong competition has to create a unique brand image or offer unusual products. The Direct Vapor angle on e cigs is that bundles are great value for vapers. They sell manufacturers’ kits and also create their own bundles, some with customization options.

The mod is accompanied by a tank but the consumer chooses one from a list of 3. The SMOK X Cube II Starter Kit features SMOK’s 160W device plus a TCT, TFV4, TFV4 Mini, or the Herakles Plus. A USB cable, charger, and batteries are also supplied with this package. There are lots of other bundles to choose from.

Choosing the Right Brands

Electronic cigarette customers are wary of names they don’t recognize and concerned about opening a box marked “Joye” only to discover what they suspect could be a clone. Direct Vapor is never guilty of the bait and switch. They choose to establish wholesale relationships with authentic brand names customers find reliable, affordable, and effective. These include Joyetech, SMOK, Kanger, Sigelei, and Pioneer4You.

Great Wholesale Deals

One of the best things about forming these wholesale relationships is that Direct Vapor can secure excellent pricing. They are the top retailers for many of the main brands; thus, there are some prices you will not find lower or even as low anywhere else. In other words, you are likely to uncover a great deal at Direct Vapor and that’s apart from savings realized with starter kits and clearance items. They will match any price you can find which turns out to be lower than theirs too.

Fabulous Free Shipping

This part of the package is so good it deserves its own heading. How many times have you tried to organize a vape-shopping rhythm in such a way as to avoid shipping costs? You order enough stuff to last you a month so you won’t have to place tiny orders and incur shipping fees for those small things.

Alternatively, to avoid these fees, you have visited the local vape store where everything costs 10% more at least and variety isn’t as extensive. What a hassle. At Direct Vapor there are no extra costs for shipping or minimum purchases required to secure free delivery.

Huge Variety

Direct Vapor is known for carrying a big range of stuff. They have eGos and mid-range units that beginners or intermediate vapers will like; clearomizers and RBAs; products for advanced consumers; multiple colors and styles of products; and loads of e juice brands and flavors. These include Motley Brew, Cosmic Fog, Ripe Vapes, Halcyon Vapors, and more. There are a lot Spinfuel award winners in there.

directvapor.comAwesome Website

If you are just starting out with e cigs or getting used to higher-level gear, stop by Direct Vapor whether or not you want to go shopping. They are not just a sales place but also provide training and education.

Read their articles. Watch their videos. Head to one of their social media pages and see if anyone has been talking about a subject that interests you or post your own comment and wait for a response from a fellow vaper.

Satisfying Customer Service

Choose a means of getting in touch with the Direct Vapor team. They always want their customers to stay in touch when they are concerned about something; give them a chance to solve any problems you might have.

Contact them by phone or email. Ask a question on Facebook. Let the Direct Vapor crew show you how they treat their valued clients. Lots of your questions are probably already answered on the website about topics such as shipping and return policies.

Passion for Vaping

At Direct Vapor, the job is not just about making money and going to work every day. These people love the industry they work in. The passion they feel for vaping technology and for their clients’ success shows in the choices they make and the proactive way they seek to meet your needs, from finding and offering great deals to carrying the best and latest hardware. They carry gift cards too in case you know someone who will appreciate their enthusiasm and pricing.

Always Up-To-Date

Direct Vapor doesn’t let anyone get the jump on them. When new material comes out they are among the first to buy stock and list it. Don’t worry that you will be left behind by remaining one of their loyal customers. In fact, sign up for their electronic newsletter to secure a deal and also be informed of anything new that’s coming to their online sales platform. It’s hard to imagine needing to shop anywhere else.

Deals Galore

Everyone loves a deal, as long as it is not a Trojan Horse. No one enjoys opening a long-awaited package to discover the sale item inside is actually a remodeled, used piece that is not even nearly as good as it sounded. Direct Vapor doesn’t do that sort of thing; their deals are legitimate.

If it wasn’t good enough that they guarantee the lowest prices, you can also obtain goods for less by visiting their clearance section. Items found here are not used, returned, or broken. The team simply needs to make space every so often as their warehouse becomes crammed with last month’s stock of mods plus the newest ones from this month. Do them a favor; take advantage of the clearance section so the warehouse doesn’t become too crowded.

All-Purpose Shopping

Buy all the goods you need to vape successfully, not just some of them. Direct Vapor carries replacement and maintenance parts such as heating coils, tank tubes, and wick. You can be sure that once you become a fan of some article, the company will continue to supply you with the means to continue operating that item into the future.

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Direct Vapor is your one stop vapor for all your vaping needs, from the best e-liquid brands, and all types of vaping devices and accessories.

They offer free shipping on every order, with no minimum, a low price guarantee, 15 day return policy, 60 day product warranty and they have a guarantee of no clones.

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