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By Rebecca Diaz

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How To Save Money Vaping

Vaping is supposed to be cheaper than smoking. Most of the time vaping is cheaper, even if you choose the most expensive products. There are ways, however, to reduce your costs still further.

Here are some ideas for the new vaper and the established one that will help him or her save hundreds of dollars compared to the costs of smoking, and possibly even shave a significant portion off of his vaping bill.

Save Money Vaping

The first product you use might be a mini cig or cigalike. It does not have to be, but a lot of smokers find this the most comfortable product for switching over. A cigalike resembles a cigarette and feels similar to one.

Markten Battery next to standard sized e cig

Dimensions are comfortingly close. Flavors are pretty different, especially without all of those chemicals and the smell of burning plant material, but this is as close as e cigs get to real cigarettes.

When you first sign up to buy a kit, you instantly save money compared to the price of buying a disposable every day or every other day depending on how much you used to smoke. Rechargeable products and bundles are cheaper, but the refills for them are expensive.

Mini cig refills cost an average of $2 each for about 1 ml of liquid. This is about the equivalent of one package of cigarettes. Although this makes it sound as though a package of cigarettes costs $2 when you vape it, there are other costs to consider. You can’t forget that your batteries and chargers cost you money at the outset and they also use a bit of electricity every day: not much, just whatever electricity your charger uses when you replenish cells daily or at night.

Secondly, refills do not always contain the same amount of e liquid. Sometimes there is a mistake and 1-ml cartomizers actually contain 0.6 ml. In a factory setting most things are consistent, but mistakes happen.

Thirdly, if you don’t buy enough stuff each time you place an order to reach the free-shipping limit, you have to add shipping costs to the overall price of that $2 package of e cigs. Batteries keep working 3 to 6 months. Chargers should operate for at least that long. The overall cost of vaping considering these costs could be more like $3+ per package, but what if you like it so much you vape more?

Some people find they enjoy the flavor of e liquid more than cigarettes and their pack-a-day habit increases by 50% or more. Don’t lose track and increase your nicotine consumption to the point where you are spending more and no longer saving anything.

CartomizersSave Money on Re-fills

Your pre-filled cartomizers cost less if you do one of two things:

• arrange auto-shipments
• buy large volumes at one time

There is another way to save money when you replenish e juice: purchase blank cartomizers and refill them with e juice.

This is not as daunting as it sounds. You just need thin e juice (high in propylene glycol) and a needle-nosed bottle. It doesn’t take long to add 1 ml of e liquid to this tiny vessel, so it can be messy at first. But you will soon find that 1 ml of liquid can cost from $0.40 to $0.80, even the really good stuff.

Buy Clearomizers

Step away from mini cigs at your earliest convenience. You will discover the benefits of buying rebuildable tanks and clearomizers. No glue has been used to hold pieces together: they snap on and off or are threaded for easy dismantling and rebuilding. This way, if one part breaks, you don’t have to replace the entire clearomizer.

Parts that need frequent replacing are the coils. These clog or burn out in a week to three weeks, so you will need a steady supply of those. Tubes are also breakable, even plastic ones. They will break if they are stepped on or are filled with juices which are notorious for clouding or breaking plastic. If you like those types, upgrade to a glass tank.

Vaporfi e liquids

Another reason your e-cig habit can become expensive is that you are drawn to gourmet, high-priced juice. Someone told you it was better.

Like wine snobs these individuals are convinced only small-batch, handmade, limited edition products are good enough. They fail to realize that:

• not everyone has a limitless budget
• there is no right or wrong opinion where taste is concerned

There are many great e liquids priced well below the gourmet price line but which are considered high-end by the general public. Halo is one; EC Blends is another.

If you have grown accustomed to vaping high-end juice, sign up for a subscription to one of the e juice suppliers who send out “surprise” packages to clients. They find new and unexpected flavors in their mail monthly and sometimes discover new favorites. These services provide e juice at discounted prices.

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